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10 Unusual Ways to Use Nail Polish Remover

Posted by Aylin Erman on February 21, 2013

nailpolish Nail polish remover can do quite a few things besides clean your nails. Do any of these uses surprise you? Nail polish remover solution most commonly contains acetone, which is a potent solvent that effectively removes nail polish but is also harsh on the skin, nails and nose. Instead of using it to change nail colors, consider using up the bottle you already have on other household items, mostly to clean, shine, and sanitize. Hand in the brittle nails for something more delicate by switching to acetone-free nail polish. And in the meantime, from making your keyboard beautiful again to disinfecting razor blades, benefit from these ten unusual ways to use nail polish remover. chinacup 1. Remove China Stains If you’re expecting company and want to remove any unwanted stains from your best china, reach for nail polish remover. Lightly dab the stained surface with acetone on a cloth, and then wash with soap and dry. Be careful not to scrub the china too hard, as it will compromise the painted surface. 2. Shine Shoes Get rid of the grub on your leather shoes with a paper towel or cloth dipped in nail polish remover. Dab the stain until it goes away. Afterwards, use a wet cloth to wipe away any leftover residue. keyboard 3. Clean the Keyboard Use an old toothbrush dipped in polish remover to clean your computer keyboard. The keys will be gleaming afterwards and, due to the solution’s ethanol content, effectively disinfected. 4. Erase Permanent Marker Who says permanent marker is just that – permanent? If you ever get some on your hands or a surface, use nail polish remover on a cotton ball to dab the stain away. stickers 5. Remove Stickers If you had the.....

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